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Feature Film: Guardians of the Galaxy - 2014
Tasks: MPC - FX TD

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Feature Film: The Great Gatsby - 2013
Tasks: CG large scale smoke and additional atmospherics using FumeFX

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Feature Film: I, Frankenstein - 2014
Tasks: Destruction & debris using Thinking Particles

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FX reel 2012

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Skybet TVC | FX breakdown for the TVC Skybet " What if ? "
Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Krakatoa, Frost and Vray

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CocaColaZero TVC & FX Breakdown
RealFlow, Frost - Included to the 2012 RealFlow Reel

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Life Tea TVC
RealFlow, Frost - Included to the 2012 RealFlow Reel

Interview at the online magazine Its Art!

The TVC projects CocaColaZero and LifeTea are part of the RealFlow Reel 2012

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Vasilis Antipas, I'm FX artist from Athens, Greece.

Here you can find my reel, latest works, CV and my contact details.

* Currently working at ScanlineVFX - Vancouver as FX Artist